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Show #2 TOO HOT for AM (Never aired episode)

THIS WAS TO BE SHOW #2 ON THE AIR… However after last week (our first week on the air, the show, while being aired for the first time, was pulled for the air, and the show was CANCELLED! We inquired the next day of the station owner “Big John” about the “Technical issue” that happened and he informed me that the show was “obnoxious” and that they were NOT going to air our show any further…. SO we lasted a FULL 28 minutes on live radio, and we will officially be back to podcasting. Enjoy this show, when it was reviewed, we were told that even though it was more mellow that the first, it too was TOO HOT for the air! So this will historically be the “un-aired show #2”! ENJOY!!


So this week we takcled the difficult topic of guns & gun control. Show #2 we discussed training teachers to carry concealed, so then “unfriendlies” would not know who was carrying guns, and not just the one guy on the campus with the badge & the gun. We also talked about other issues related to carry, gun onwership, and registering your guns.We also talked about a phenomena called vajazzle, decorating your female parts with rhinestones or rubies, like you would your phone. We discussed raising children and old-school discupline. It was a fun show, check out next week, we will be LIVE taking your calls.


SHOW NOTES: Gun Control, Vajazzle, discipline for your children, sex with a donkey, other random topics that we talked about.


Show Sponsors:
Attorney Tim Goan

RadioShack of Palm Coast

Listen to the Show Live!

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