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Show #1 (1/24/13)

WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! Show #1 on Goliath AM 1380 is IN THE BAG… In this 1st episode, we did an introduction of our show, who we are, what we were about, a little, introduced “the guys” and some brief banter about women, and body parts.


Hear our replay by clicking on the player to the right. Aired Thursday night @ 7:30pm 1/24/13 and REPLAY 10:30am Saturday 1/26/13. It was pre-recorded due to scheduling issues with the guys.


SHOW NOTES: Introduction to the show, concept of the show, introduction of “the guys”. Our FIRST show on the radio. Dating, Women, Labiaplasty, Woman/Manscaping


Show Sponsors:
Attorney Tim Goan

RadioShack of Palm Coast

Listen to the Show Live!

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