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Podcast Show #21, 8/31/2010!!! (Archive)

Hard to believe that we have made it to show #21, and it was a DOOZIE!

Show notes: General discussion about women, smoking and how rude it is to flick your butts out the window into someone’s lawn, Worlds dirtiest cities, Bottle bombs, Playgrounds and the PUSSIFICATION of AMERICA. Mike wrote an article on Hubpages, and got some excellent feedback, which he has then written a poem. How far/what is your responsibility as a spouse to take care of your significant others’ illnesses/wounds? Discussion about the show, “Dexter” on Showtime and how I am missing one of the best shows out there. The movie the “Expendables” and how it was a GREAT action thriller. Finally, the Washington Post reporter who Twitted a Hoax on Twitter to see how far it would go on the internet.

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