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Alias’ – How Effective are They?

My cohorts have adopted really cool alias’ and I’m jealous.  Shady Jay even has his own Twitter following.  Steve bails out to Woody McLovin and I’m left with the plain-jane moniker Mike.  Maybe that should be my handle – Moniker Mike.

This isn’t to say I haven’t attempted a nom de plume in the past, but DarkThorn King, The Dread Pirate DarkThorn and a number of others just did not fit.

Ok.  They were STUPID.

So what’s left for me?  John Smith has more oomph than my name (think hot little Pocahontas…).  I must decide whether I actually want an alias at this point.  Why divert attention from my name simply because I have an opinion, eh?

Uh, because it could impact your writing career?

Do I really need to concern myself with that?  I’m a rogue – always have been.  I was described as a rogue-manager in my 25 years in corporate America.  While I’m a conservative rogue, I’m one nonetheless.

I suppose I will stick with my God-given name and let the chips fall where they April (yes, I felt a cliché coming on and had to bail before I gagged on it…).

We’ll have Shady Jay, Woody McLovin and Mike.  arf!

What’s your opinion?  Do alias’ jazz stuff up or protect the guilty?  Or are they just a crutch?  Does anyone really care?

Michael Ray King

5 Responses to “Alias’ – How Effective are They?”

  1. I do not think that steve “bailed out” to the name Woody McLovin’. He has had that name since middle school, and now his namesake son has taken on the name as well.

    I believe that he is “getting back to his roots” but not a bail.

    Smile Woody loves you!

    Woody McLovin’

  2. Alias? What alias? My birth name is Shady Jay. I think you’re both jealous b/c I have a supercool name, and you don’t.

    That being said: Moniker Mike, Moniker Mike! I love it!!

    Shady Jay

  3. Alright already! I get it. I didn’t know Woody McLovin’ could make his mate orgasm five or six times. With that kind of record the only bailout is happening in the bed! What do you use, an industrial dryer? Or do you just float down the lazy river afterward…

    • When I get in “that” kind of mood, it is a whole “production”! One that involves plastic wrap, and duct tape, and lube, and muffs’ for the muffs, you know, break the furniture kind of stuff!

      When WOODY McLOVIN’ gets on a groove, you just don’t know when you are going to get done. Pretty amazing considering my Adonis like psychic…

      • LOL!!!! Wow! Woody has a vocabulary to boot! Adonis like psyche. You’ve been reading too much! 🙂

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